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Need a portfolio website section to showcase the great audio or visual work that you do? For creatives such as photographers, designers, composers, fine artists and more, this is non-negotiable. When the work you create is auditory or visual, your customers must be able to see or hear quality examples of the work you produce in order to have a clear idea of your style and service.  We help you create a well-crafted portfolio site that frames your work at the center of the design.

We recommend that business owners set a goal to update their portfolio once per month with the best work from that month. It isn’t necessary to add every project you complete to your showcase. We also recommend that each entry focuses on a specific category of what you offer. This allows you to use your portfolio to feature examples that are directly relevant to the things your customers seek.

Why should I have a portfolio?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Describing your product can never touch someone’s soul the way that your creative products themselves can. When it comes to visual business services, demonstrating your product is key. Adding a portfolio to your site is particularly a great idea if you are looking to demonstrate the quality of your work in competitive markets, such as professional photography, graphic design, fine art, videography, and more.

Display Your Work

Give customers a feeling of your passion and style. Show them the pieces you’ve slaved over and pieces others have raved over. Help them catch a vision for what you’re capable of- both the actual medium and the reaction you can evoke in the audience.

Demonstrate Dynamic Skills

You are no one-trick pony. You have a range of services and styles to offer based on your different customers’ needs. Demonstrate that your skills are dynamic and varied and inspire confidence that you can deliver what your clients are looking for, even if you haven’t done it before.

Create Sharable Content

Beyond just displaying your work, a portfolio can also be used to increase your brand exposure. Your portfolio pieces can be made for social sharing. Let your pieces speak for themselves and draw in new clients to your site.

Case Studies

Your projects can serve as relatable case studies for future clients and prospects. It’s easier for a potential client to see the success they can expect with your business if there’s a similar project to examine.

Case Study: Chris Gosnell Photography

Chris Gosnell is a photographer and videographer right here in the Pikes Peak region. Her skills working with people to bring out their best in a headshot are second to none.

We worked together to design a landing page for the business headshot side of her business as she looked to focus more on these client types. We also implemented a portfolio of some of her recent work and styles to illustrate her skills and style. She’s now the main photographer for many different organizations here locally.

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Showcase Your Best Work

Reach out to us to today to get started on your online gallery. Don’t just describe what you create, move your prospective clients by showing them. Let us make you look good.

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