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A landing page can help you or your business target a specific market or niche. They are targeted for a specific conversion goal, such as generating leads for a newsletter or selling a specific service.

An example landing page might include a simple bio for you, essential details about your skills or services, testimonials, contact information, and a contact form to help your audience get in touch.

How can you use a landing page?

Landing pages are just that – a place for your high-flying ad campaigns to land visitors. They don’t belong by themselves. Use your landing page to:

  • Partner with a Google AdWords campaign to convert a specific keyword
  • Help turn your Facebook Ad click into a sale for your new product
  • Capture emails for your mailing list to generate interest
  • Capturing leads for your new project with a giveaway

A landing page can be a great tool in your business marketing toolbox. But only if you know how to use it! Feeling uncertain? We can connect you with a local SEO professional who will help you with an ad campaign for Facebook, Google, or another platform.

What does it take?

Before we begin creating a landing page, we sit down with you and establish a specific goal for the page. Landing pages are most successful when they are simple, accessible and single-minded in their purpose. We begin by asking you to give us some information that will help us understand what you want to achieve.

Once you have explained page goals, we will provide expert recommendations for your page content, look and feel, and lead generation strategy. We review a sample site option with you to make sure the project meets your needs. We then work with you to revise the site to reflect your specific needs.

Once you are satisfied with the page, we test everything to ensure that it is ready to publish. We include the necessary protections to keep it safe from unwanted intrusions. We will also work with your ad agency to set up any conversion or lead tracking. Finally, we launch the site. Typically, this process takes 1-2 weeks.

To get started, we’ll need:

  • your logo
  • brief paragraph about your business
  • access to your mailing account (if connecting)

See the difference a quick page can make for your business goals and stop waiting to get back to your work. Pages start at $500, based on work.

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Samples of Our Work

Here are some examples of business sites that we have developed for other clients. From those that include additional features, such as a blog or membership system, to the simple online business card type, we take care to craft our sites with the same great level of service. We will work with you to create a custom package that structures the site to your business goals. Get some inspiration from one of the sites below.

See the full portfolio.

Begin Your Journey

Getting online can feel overwhelming – especially at the start of your business. We’ve worked with many business owners at all stages of business, and we know how to simplify the process so that you get exactly what you need at this time, but set yourself up for future growth. We want your splash page to be the beginning of a great relationship.

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