About Us

Two pixels to the left, please. There. That’s it.

Precision branding work is our game. We’re at it when we craft a landing page. We’re at it when we work and rework content like clay until the message is just so. We’re at it when we tune and harden our hosting servers.

We are makers.

We’re practical, down-to-earth people. We want to help you build great things, in good time, and one step at a time. We focus on growth cycles to create an elegant, just-right solution for this moment, and then to support your continued growth.

Meet Our Team

Hannah // Design Architect

Lead Design + Project Management

About Hannah

Design and Project Lead

Professional pixel slinger for 7 years. running print and digital designs for a variety of organizations. A lifetime of fascination with how information is presented. A handful of years painting with code: HTML/CSS, SASS.

Aaron // Solution Engineer

Hosting, Email, Development

About Aaron

Senior Developer

10 years running a server hosting company, 9th Node Networks. Over 15 years programming in a variety of languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, .NET and Coldfusion.

Sarah // Web Wordsmith

Web Copy + Epic Digital Ads

About Sarah


Sarah’s experience ranges, from teaching English (in China!) to teaching English (in first-grade classrooms!). Suffice to say she’s the one most qualified to wrap words around your products. Now she just does it online.

Our Values

We do things a certain way. Whether that’s about digital excellence or simple customer courtesy, these principles inform every aspect of the digital design work that we do. We’re proud to say that we think they set us apart from the crowd.


From the start of any project, we look to hit that just-right level of information. We want you to have the information you need to make a good decision about your project. We strive to really listen to your requests, while asking the right questions, so that we can offer on-point technical solutions.


Information organization is forefront in our projects. Your site information should be easily navigable, where visitors can quickly find what’s most relevant to their specific needs. Then, we use design make that information easy to absorb.

Ongoing support

We build our sites so that they are easy to maintain. But we want you to know that we’re committed to serving you as long as we can. We want your site launch to be the beginning of a great, long-term relationship. We’ll always take your call.