A Sneak Peek Behind Our Rebrand

Everybody loves a new beginning, and spring is the perfect time to plant new seeds, even the digital variety. Our company was long overdue for a brand image that better reflects our work, and early 2018 provided the perfect opportunity to re-assess everything with a nod to the past and an eye to the future.

Here’s what we did.

We created a new logo,  new business cards, and new social media design matter (because we can). We don’t offer that type of work to clients as it’s ultimately not our wheelhouse, but we have great connections with folks who do if you need them.

More importantly, we took our own web design advice and put it into practice. We developed a custom website theme for our WordPress website, based on the latest version of Bootstrap (which we love) and our favorite starter theme, Understrap. We love working with this starter theme because it’s built on the right stuff (SASS, Bootstrap, etc) and that just-right amount of style basics built in.

Our web design process starts with goals.

We start most of our projects with a conversation with the business owner to better understand goals and how the site can help them achieve those. Our internal process was no different. We’ve been talking internally on this for nearly six months, better identifying the type of project we want to participate in, our ideal client, and our site goals. We landed on these three main objectives:

Custom Design Showcase

We do both custom and theme-based design here at DBS but have lately been working more in the custom design and development space. We wanted our site (previously, theme-based) to better reflect the kind of work we do for custom projects. Plus it’s more fun…

Portfolio Website Emphasis

Like many businesses based in the visual arts, our work is our best marketing. It’s in the portfolio of a web designer that you can best cut through the big talking and understand the type of product you’re going to get when you work with that firm. Our sites are works of love, and we wanted to better showcase exactly the type of result you can expect when you work with us.

Specialty Site Information

While we’ve always done work with specialty sites, but our last iteration didn’t reflect that well. We love helping businesses to add a feature to their site that makes their offline life easier. Whether it’s an online store to reach customers directly and manage the order process, or a membership system to help generate more recurring revenue for your business, adding a special feature to your site can help you put your site to work in a different way than just brand image.

What’s Next?

Well, now we get back to the stuff we love – doing web design for business in Colorado Springs. As we tell our clients, launching a new site is only the beginning of the process, so the beat goes on. It just has a little more SASS to it, now.

What do you think? Did we hit the mark? Leave us your feedback in the comments.

About Hannah Ditto

I work with individuals, small, and large companies to create designs for many different needs: websites, digital ads, mail campaigns, landing pages, and more. I've always been the type that wasn't satisfied with a project until it was visually stunning.

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