7 Web Design Mistakes that Kill Traffic

Do you struggle to keep your bounce rate low? You put a lot of effort into building and maintaining your web presence. Make sure there aren’t aspects of your website that are accidentally killing your web traffic. Take a look at some common mistakes we see that can turn a stellar site into a dud.

A “Clever” Website Address

Did you spend weeks coming up with the perfect pun to get your favorite cat’s name in your website address? Cute, but only memorable to you. Although it may seem boring, a straightforward name that communicates clearly what you do is important. If you can make a pun that is very clear and you really want to go that route, test it out first. Tell the name to 20 people and see if they understand what your business does. You want your business name and web address to be short, memorable, and easy to spell.

Clutter and Too Much Text

Web design thrives on empty space and lots of it. People rarely read comprehensively on a computer. Research has actually shown that reading off a screen is much more of a strain, and most people only skim pages for the important information. Keeping lots of space on the page helps focus the visitor’s attention on only the most essential information. Avoid large walls of text and busy, frivolous designs.

Too Many Options

More is always better, right? Wrong. There is actually a point where many options are just too many options. When customers are faced with too many options, they become overwhelmed and shut down. A study at Columbia University proved that the ideal number of choices is somewhere between 2 and 6. If you have a “Similar Products” section, limit the number of items displaying to increase sales.

Tricky Navigation

People spend on average less than a minute on web pages. Your goal is to help them find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Make sure to have a high-contrast, easy-to-find navigation bar that is always visible or accessible. Keep your page labels clear and easy to understand.

Pop-Up Windows

Too many pop-ups can be irritating, so you should save your one pop-up to suggest that the visitor might be interested in joining your email list. This will give you continued access to them without annoying them. When a website loads with lots of pop-ups, people are much more likely to leave the site to get away from the pop-ups.

Slow Load Times

“But wait!” you say, “That’s not my fault!” Actually, it might be your website design. Lots of videos, high-resolution photos, and design elements can slow down your site load time. Also, the quality of the server hosting your site can impact load times too. Research says that 47% of internet users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. Keep your site simple but appealing and make sure that your server can handle the amount of traffic you expect.

Small or Difficult to Read Fonts

Small fonts are hard to read, especially with more and more web traffic coming from mobile devices. Make sure that everyone can read the text that’s made the cut and is important enough to be on your site. Same goes for fonts that are too fancy or hard to read. Fonts shouldn’t be unnecessarily complicated and big enough to be read quickly.

Let’s make this clear: web visitors want quick sites, where it’s easy to skim for the most important information.

Are you concerned that there aspects of your site that may be pushing customers away? We’d love to take a look at your site and give you some pointers on how to improve your web traffic. Think your site is falling short of the image you want to project? We’d also love to help you start from scratch to build a whole new web presence.

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