Web design matters: you can’t afford to skimp

Everything about your site sends a message. What are you saying with your site?

Good first impressions aren’t just for in-laws

Experts say you have 10 seconds (some say 7!) to convince your visitors that your site is worth skimming. Then, you have the next 20 seconds to hook them with relevant content and convince them to actually read your site.  If you don’t capture their attention or curiosity with visually stunning design, you’ve already lost them to the competition before they’ve heard any of your message. In the same way that you would never usher clients in through the back door and through the messy storeroom or show up for a job interview in hole-riddled sweats, you need to put your best foot forward on your website. Design matters because the impression your website makes can make or break a sale.

A positive user experience is critical for success

Design matters because it is the environment you create to introduce your clients to your business. It manages the subconscious client emotions which influence how they will respond to you. Randall Smith, brand management specialist bedecked with awards for his work, explains design to Forbes in this way: “Good design manages your perception of an experience. How you feel, and therefore whether you are going to engage and buy is directly influenced by the design of a website.” In a study of perceived website credibility, researchers discovered that 94% of web visitors decide if a website is credible based solely on design factors.

Good design puts you in control

Having a social media presence is great, but you are completely at the mercy of the social site. Clients will visit your page and be distracted by ads along the side, updates from friends popping up, and trending issues. On your site, you can completely control the environment and create the perception that you want. Additionally, you decide what is most important for your clients to know and put it right in front of them. Great design helps you guide your clients through your site the way you want them to experience it–the way that is most likely to convince them you’re the right choice. You can limit the deluge of information and narrow the focus to what you really want clients to know about you.

Design matters to build your brand

As a small business, building your brand can make your company memorable and seem trustworthy. The design of your website will instantly clue customers into who you are and who you serve. Bright, neon colors and basic shapes? Your audience is clearly young children. Grays with one vibrant accent, lots of sleek lines? You’re communicating a professional white-collar vibe. It’s clear that branding works. You doubt? I give you one guess what company name these cans display. Thirsty yet? Use the design of your website to build your brand on the web.

Is design all that matters? Of course not. The design is the packaging for your quality content and great design won’t make up for meaningless or confusing content. You may feel confident creating your own content, and if not we can connect you with experts in search engine optimization to create quality content to bring people to your site. But we are design experts. Let us help you take your website from sketchy to trustworthy and change the message your clients are hearing.

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