All our sites are designed so that website changes are simple to make. But we also understand that you are a busy businessperson and may not have time for your own site changes, which is why we offer content maintenance packages as well. Need to make a change to your site? Just send us a request using the form below and we’ll take care of it for you.

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Which website changes are covered?

Content Maintenance covers up to 2 hours of work for the following updates to a WordPress site:

  • Adding or changing blog posts (written by you)
  • Adding or changing gallery/portfolio posts (written by you)
  • Changes to page text or images
  • Changes to post categories
  • Additions or changes to the site sidebar, header, and footer areas

We will handle all the updates for you so that you can focus on creating great content for your site and marketing your business.

Which website changes are not included?

The content maintenance packages are designed to handle basic changes to existing content and features on your site. If you would like new features, pages, and functionality we will provide you a quote and timeline so that you can schedule the changes according to your budget and needs.

When will website changes occur?

We complete most changes within 2 business days of receiving your email. If you request a change that will take longer than usual to complete, we will respond with a timeline to let you know by when to expect the changes.

If an update requires more time than the alloted amount for the quarter, we will communicate with you to ensure that you can make an informed decision regarding any website changes that may incur additional charges.

Do you require a contract?

We do not require any contracts for our maintenance packages. You can cancel the subscription at any time. Simply log in to your client account page on our site and submit your cancellation. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.