Coming Soon Page

Need a web presence up in a hurry? Try one of our Coming Soon pages. If you are just establishing your web presence, a coming soon page can kickstart your business and lead generation.

Our coming soon page addon makes creating a blog easy.

How can you use a coming soon page?

Creating a simple, static page to represent your business is a great way to get basic details online, while you work on a more complicated site. You can also use these pages as splash pages, after your site goes live, to achieve simple site goals. Successful online businesses use their coming soon or splash pages to:

  • Grow your mailing list for future e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Provide basic contact details about your business before establishing a site
  • Redirect potential leads and customers to another site for registration, e-store, or more
  • Serve as a simple microsite for capturing leads

Adding a coming soon page to your site can be useful for any types of business, but especially realtors, life coaches, health coaches, personal trainers, marketing professionals, podcasters, business coaches, and more.

What does the coming soon add-on cover?

The coming soon add-on covers the addition of one simple, non-scrolling page, including up to 250 words of content and one action feature (email capture connected to a mailing list, buy now button, contact form or email link). We will provide a design based on your logo and one stock image.

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