Premium Business Website Package

Our premium business website package is perfect for the established business, looking to impress potential clients and reach out to new markets through search engine optimization. Provide specific details on each service you offer with a premium site. Take on a competitive market by providing your site visitors with information relevant to their specific needs.

Get a premium business website and rank competitively.

Process and Timeline

We value your time and want you to get the most out of the process, which is why we begin with a simple conversation. In this conversation, we’ll identify a solid marketing and content strategy for your business and online presence as a whole.

Based on our conversation, we will provide expert recommendations for your site content, look and feel, and lead generation strategy. We will meet weekly to discuss your site. The first stage is wireframes: a simple approach to work through where and how content is located on your site. In the following meetings, we will provide design and copy recommendations. Next, we review the design in a development environment, to make sure the business website meets your needs. We then work with you to revise the site to reflect your business goals.

Once you are satisfied with the site, we test everything to ensure that it is ready to publish. We include some basic search engine optimization (SEO) and the necessary protections to keep it safe from unwanted intrusions. Finally, we launch the site. Typically, this process takes 5-6 weeks.

Premium Website Examples

Here are some examples of the business sites that we have developed for other clients. You can customize the site structure to your needs, or take inspiration from one of the sites below.

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This website package is perfect for medical professionals, law offices, accounting firms, retail shops, investment professionals, professional organizations, and more.

Next Steps and Addons

With each site, we will train you and provide help documentation, so that you can manage your site going forward. Don’t want to do it yourself? No problem. We offer several convenient maintenance packages to fit your business needs. We will also recommend specific ways to use your site to help you reach your specific audience.