Portfolio Website Addon

Need a portfolio website section to showcase the great visual work that you do? For creatives, such as photographers, designers, fine artists and more, this is a must-have.When the work you create is visual, your customers must be able to see quality examples of the work you produce in order to have a clear idea of your style and service.

Our portfolio website addon helps you showcase your work.

Why should you have a portfolio?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to visual business services, demonstrating the product is key. Successful creative businesses use their portfolio website to:

  • Feature their prior work products and services
  • Demonstrate specific types of their offerings by category
  • Create “shareable content” that will help drive traffic to your website via social media

Adding a portfolio into your site is particularly a great idea for businesses looking to demonstrate the quality of their work in competitive markets, such as professional photographers, graphic designers, fine artists, crafters, painters, videographers, and more.

How often should you update your portfolio?

We recommend that business owners set a goal to update their portfolio once per month with the best work from that month. It isn’t necessary to add every project you complete to your showcase, but a featured item each month helps you to build out your best examples without becoming overwhelmed or overcommitting. We also recommend that each blog entry focus on specific category of what you offer. This allows you to use your portfolio to feature examples that are directly relevant to the things your customers seek.

What does the portfolio website addon cover?

The portfolio website addon covers the addition of a portfolio into your site, 5 starter posts, and up to 10 categories. We will generate the posts based on up to 5 primary service offerings, and write them to be optimized for search engines and users alike. You provide images for each from samples of your work.

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