Membership Website Addon

Our membership website addon includes a membership system into any of our website packages. Use your website to deliver premium content to paying subscribers. Start earning money with your website, in addition to using it to market your services.

Membership Website Addon helps you earn money through your website.

What is a membership website?

A membership website contains protected content, available only to paying members. You can customize the membership levels and services that you want to offer to meet the needs of your business and clients. This is a great tool for life coaches, business coaches, fitness trainers, podcasters, bloggers, and more.

How can I use membership to help my business succeed?

Paid membership websites provide a steady stream of income to site owners looking to expand their business. Successful online businesses use their membership website to:

  • Offer free sample content to attract visitors to their site, and compelling reasons to upgrade to paid membership
  • Deliver premium content to their paying members through blogs, video, podcasts and more
  • Create custom membership packages that suit different levels of their target demographic
  • Capture member and visitor information for marketing efforts to expand the business

What does the membership website addon cover?

We will install a membership system into your site and customize it, with up to 6 different membership levels. The system includes creation of up to 3 new pages for premium content, or protection of existing content in your site (such as a specific blog category).

We help you establish subscription levels for the services and content that you want to sell via your site. Each subscription can be either one-time payment, or recurring. Members can upgrade, downgrade, and view their account status as you desire. The system will handle email notifications to both you and your clients for a variety of situations, from membership expiring to thank you for signups, and more.

To use the membership system, you must first set up an account with Stripe, a payment processing gateway. In addition, you will need some extra layers of security for your website, to allow it to process credit card payments. The membership package comes with a 1 year Rapid SSL security certificate, and dedicated IP, and renews annually for the cost of these two items: $75.

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