Managed Email Marketing

Quality email marketing helps you keep customers engaged and convert new leads into customers. Consistent, relevant content helps your audience get to know your business, style, brand voice and more. We develop effective email campaigns to speak to site visitors and help improve the visibility of your site.

Use quality email marketing to keep your customer connected to your business, even on the go.

How can email marketing help my business?

Email marketing is a great tool in an online marketing strategy. Use it to stay connected to your current customers and prospects, even as they are on the go through:

  • Increasing exposure for your company services, products and special deals
  • Sharing your expertise on a specific topic of interest for your audience
  • Targeted content delivery based on time, events, and more
  • Driving traffic to your website or landing page for a specific conversion goal

Focused email marketing campaigns help businesses looking looking to increase their foot traffic, such as retail stores, beauty salons, sales professionals and more.

How does it work?

We set up your email list and campaign and create a schedule for your customer mailings. We write clear and compelling email content and schedule each delivery for the best success in both open and click-through rates. We send two campaigns for each month that you have an active subscription.

After each campaign, we provide a detailed summary report on the success of the campaign and specific recommendations for follow up.

Do you require a contract?

Our email marketing subscriptions are billable in advance for 1-month subscription periods and do not require a contract. The first month, including list setup and customization of a basic email template, is $200. You can cancel the subscription any time before your renewal. Purchased subscriptions are non-refundable. Simply log in to your client account page on our site and submit your cancellation. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.