Blog Website Addon

Our blog website addon gives you the ability to include a blog in any of our website packages. Blogs can be a great marketing tool to help you connect with potential clients and turn prospects into valid leads.

Our blog website addon makes creating a blog easy.

Why should you blog?

Blogging is a valid marketing tool in the arsenal of any business owner. It serves as a great platform to add fresh and relevant content to your website. Successful online businesses use their blog website to:

  • Engage with their customers, to dialogue around their products and services
  • Demonstrate expertise with the specific products and services that the business offers
  • Create “shareable content” that will help drive traffic to your website via social media
  • Provide relevant content to their online and local communities as a service

Adding a blog into your site is particularly a great idea for businesses looking to demonstrate expertise in competitive markets, such as professional contractors, plumbers, electricians, home inspectors, marketing professionals, life coaches, business coaches, and more.

How often should you blog?

We get this question often, as we recommend blogs to website owners. What’s the magic number? The answer is: the magic number is consistent. We recommend that business owners set a goal to blog once or twice per month to develop the routine of blogging without becoming overwhelmed or overcommitting. We also recommend that each blog entry focus on specific keyword topic. This allows you to use your site SEO to write content that is clear for both your site visitors and search engines.

What does the blog website addon cover?

The blog website addon covers the addition of a blog into your site, 3 starter posts, and up to 10 blog categories. We will generate the posts based on your 3 primary service offerings, and write them to be optimized for search engines and users alike. You can provide images for each, use the images available in your website package, or have us purchase additional stock imagery at $10 per image.

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