We customized and built a site for a local organization dedicated to exploring the great outdoors, Under Ten Fitness. From their site:

Under Ten Fitness was created to bring the best workout advice and tips without all of the gimmicks. At Under Ten, you won’t find claims and glorified promises about “Sexy abs in just ten minutes a day!” or “lose 30lbs in 1 month with this pill!” Instead, Under Ten Fitness is a safe place to learn about health and fitness and what really works in the long run.

The site was specifically targeted at those of use with busy schedules who want to improve fitness, but struggle with making time for the gym. The site owner offers regular audio podcasts for free, as well as a premium membership system, where users can subscribe to gain access to brief workout videos, premium podcast content, trainers, and more.

The site is hosted by our partner, 9th Node Networks.