Design your website to grow your business.

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We design your website to help earn you new and repeat business. What’s the secret sauce? There are 5 important elements to a successful website, but the main premise is this: think of your website as if it were a sales employee in your business.


Set goals for your site

A savvy business owner would not hire an employee and then give them nothing to do, or even unclear objectives. The best managers give clear, achievable goals for employees, and the same should be set for your new site. Determine 2-3 very specific goals for your website, and then make those goals clear throughout.

Design your website to be scanned.

We love to read. But our experience with the online realm tells us that the online reading experience is much more about effective scanning than dense reading. So design your website to help your site visitor quickly absorb information by:

  • Using lists and/or infographics to quickly call out key details.
  • Using call-to-action bars, sliders, or sidebars to emphasize your site conversion goals.
  • Valuing page space in descending order: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right. Put critical information closer to the top left.
  • Making a page for every service. This will help site visitors quickly find key information about your business, whether humans or search engine bots.

Great sales employees understand how to efficiently connect customers with the product or service that best fits. Similarly, good design in your website helps it actively guide your site visitors to find what they need as quickly as possible.

Design your website for business growth.

Give your website the resources it needs.

The best and most dedicated sales employee can only do as well as resources allow. While a website could be expected to handle several hundred customers at once, even sites have limits based on your hosting. Give your site the hosting resources it needs. Don’t put a video-heavy site on budget hosting. We work with a local partner, 9th Node Networks, to match each site we design to that just-right level of hosting resources.

Create an ongoing development plan.

Even an excellent salesperson benefits from long-term development. Put a plan in place to keep your website evolving. Not only does this help with search engine ranking, but it also helps you keep an ongoing conversation with your audience and stay in touch with existing customers. Good results do not happen overnight – not with people, not with websites. Give your site time to start working for you, and if need be…

Evaluate and adapt.

Over the course of time, adapt your website for what is working and not. Make sure you have site analytics so you can see traffic patterns on your site. See where you lose visitors on your conversion pages and adapt according to what the data tells you. Fire your website if it doesn’t do its job. Hire additional websites, like custom landing pages. Stay in regular touch with your analytics system so that you understand how best to change your site to respond to how customers interact.

Key Takeaways

Don’t treat your website like a giant online brochure. Treat it like your newest sales employee. Train your site to be effective in representing your business and earning you new and repeat business by following these five steps: set goals, use design effectively, provide adequate resources, make a longterm plan, and evaluate and adapt.


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I work with individuals, small, and large companies to create designs for many different needs: websites, digital ads, mail campaigns, landing pages, and more. I've always been the type that wasn't satisfied with a project until it was visually stunning.

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